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Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Leigh

Leigh is one of the larger towns located between Manchester and Wigan, with a population of around 50,000 people and several high schools either in the town or in the nearby villages of Astley, Atherton, Golborne and Lowton. Although the nearest railway station is in Atherton, there are plenty of ways to reach Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Leigh via car along the A580 or via the recently opened guided bus route from Manchester city centre.

Apprenticeships in Leigh

Leigh has an industrial heritage as a former mining town, and this still shapes the landscape in locations like Pennington Flash, so it’s no surprise that for many local residents, vocational learning is the preferred way to start a career in the trades. ProCo offer Apprenticeships in Leigh in the main local trades, including Animal Care, which is particularly significant in the town with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association located just up the road in Atherton. Whatever discipline you choose, you’ll work towards a recognised qualification while gaining first-hand work experience and earning a wage as well – truly the best of all worlds. You can find Apprenticeships in Leigh in a range of industries, including:

Why choose ProCo for an Apprenticeship in Leigh?

At ProCo we understand the local area and make sure that all of our Apprenticeships in Leigh place you with respected local employers, hopefully with an aim to get you a permanent job at the end of your training. But we also understand that for some people, training in the local area is a stepping stone towards moving away, and by completing recognised, transferable qualifications, your Apprenticeship in Leigh can help you get an NVQ and may even allow you to qualify for a university place.

Study Programmes in Leigh

Our Study Programmes in Leigh are a little different than our Apprenticeships, but they still give you hands-on experience in a specific profession or industry, with the support of local training providers. Crucially, they also give you tailored teaching on core subjects like Maths and English, if you need to improve on your exam results. ProCo Study Programmes in Leigh cover several of the same areas as our Apprenticeships, and while you won’t be in a work placement that turns directly into a long-term job, we work hard to give you all of the skills you need to write a well-rounded CV when it comes to applying for your first job after training. Our Study Programmes in Leigh include:

Why choose ProCo for Study Programmes in Leigh?

Our track record speaks for itself and we are careful to build lasting long-term relationships with employers and training providers, so that our Study Programmes in Leigh give you everything local employers are looking for. If you have your sights set further afield, we can help with that too, as we know what the local higher education colleges and universities are looking for. We can even help set up experiences abroad as part of our International Work Placements, if you want to live as part of a different culture for a while.

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Call us on 01942 318099 to find out more about our Apprenticeships and Study Programmes in Leigh. You don’t need to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for – we’re always happy to talk through all the options. If you prefer not to call, you can email us on or find us on our social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with photos and videos on Instagram and YouTube.