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Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Orrell

Orrell is a community of around 12,000 people and centrally located between Wigan and Skelmersdale, nearby you’ll find Shevington and Standish, Ashton-in-Makerfield and Haydock Park. This location gives Orrell excellent connections to Liverpool, Bolton and Manchester – making it a small town with big connections.

Apprenticeships in Orrell

Orrell’s industrial heritage is right there in the name – it literally means ‘ore hill’, a nod to the early mining in the area, and Apprenticeships in Orrell are a modern-day way to learn a hands-on trade. The full list of opportunities for Apprenticeships in Orrell ranges from traditional disciplines like car mechanics and construction, to office-based roles like business admin and customer service. You can find Apprenticeships in Orrell in a range of industries, including:

Why choose ProCo for an Apprenticeship in Orrell?

Choosing an Apprenticeship in Orrell is not just about the job placement, although it’s easy to see this as the most important part. But remember that you are working towards a qualification at the end of your work placement, and ProCo give you all the support you need to make sure you gain the expertise and experience from your Apprenticeship by the time it ends. Your qualification at the end will typically be equivalent to a Level 2 NVQ, although we also offer more advanced Apprenticeships in Orrell businesses for further progression and personal development.

Study Programmes in Orrell

Alongside our programme of Apprenticeships in Orrell, we also offer specially designed Study Programmes in Orrell colleges and hands-on experience with local organisations. These cover core areas like animal care, working with motor vehicles, and construction, and each one is accompanied by personal tutoring on any subjects where you need to improve, for example Maths and English. Employers expect you to not only have these core skills in place, but also to have qualifications in your chosen industry and personal experience of working in the job as well – and you can gain all of this at once on our Study Programmes in Orrell. Our Study Programmes in Orrell include:

Why choose ProCo for Study Programmes in Orrell?

Unlike some training providers, we do not expect all of our learners to progress at the same pace, and our Orrell Study Programmes are tailored to the needs of individual local learners, and to fill in any gaps where the local mainstream education may have let you down. There’s no judgement or blame if your exam results were not what you hoped for – we will use them as a starting point to identify areas where you might benefit from extra support, but once you start studying with ProCo, we will make sure your tutoring is tailored to your changing needs as you progress.

Get in Touch

Email recruitment@proconw.co.uk if you want to find out more about any of our Apprenticeships and Study Programmes in Orrell, or how we can potentially help you to get out of the region to study abroad as part of one of our International Work Placements. You can call us to talk about any of your areas of interest on 01942 318099 – so if you can’t see a suitable Apprenticeship listed on our vacancies, give us a call and we may be able to offer an alternative. And finally, follow us on our social networking profiles on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for our latest updates and case studies of our past successful learners.

For more information on the apprenticeships we offer and who ProCo are visit our About Us page. You can also find more information on the areas in which we offer apprenticeships through our locations page.