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Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Shevington

Close to Wigan and Skelmersdale, and a stone’s throw from Standish, you’ll find Shevington, a village with a population of just over 10,000 people but several primary schools and its own High School. Transport links by road and rail put Shevington in easy reach of Manchester, Southport and destinations reached via Wigan.

Apprenticeships in Shevington

Local businesses need to nurture the next generation of talent, so there are plenty of Apprenticeships in Shevington that put you on the right track towards a career that suits the area’s employment opportunities. It’s a great way to gain expertise from the most experienced tradesmen and tradeswomen in the region, from traditional trades like Apprenticeships in construction, to veterinary nursing and animal care, to customer service and business admin Apprenticeships that train you for a 9-5 office job. You can find Apprenticeships in Shevington in a range of industries, including:

Why choose ProCo for an Apprenticeship in Shevington?

ProCo are right there in your community working with employers and training providers, and we put the extra effort in to create Apprenticeships in Shevington that fill the gaps in local demand. If other training providers have been unable to offer you a suitable Apprenticeship, ask ProCo and we will gladly do our best to place you into an Apprenticeship in Shevington that gives you everything you need for your personal development, without facing a lengthy commute to get there every day. On top of this, you will of course be paid for the hours you work on your Apprenticeship, so by the time your training is complete, you will not only have a recognised vocational qualification, but real first-hand experience of a job in your chosen industry too.

Study Programmes in Shevington

If all of that still doesn’t sound like the right fit for you, it’s worth considering our alternative Study Programmes in Shevington. As an alternative to Apprenticeships in Shevington businesses, ProCo Study Programmes instead give you personalised coaching from a local training provider, both in the discipline you would like to work in, and in core skills like English and Maths to give you a well rounded CV. Our Study Programmes in Shevington include:

Why choose ProCo for Study Programmes in Shevington?

At ProCo we know that not everybody learns in the same way, and that you might need a bit more help in one area, and a bit less help in another. Our Study Programmes in Shevington give you access to local expertise in one-on-one coaching and hands-on experience of your chosen discipline, but you are always put first in the way this teaching is delivered. If we need to spend a bit more time on a particular core skill, such as to give you a better head for numbers, that’s fine – it’s all about working to give you what you need and to complete a Diploma or certificate that you can show to employers as proof of your capabilities.

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Ask us about our Apprenticeships and Study Programmes in Shevington on 01942 318099 or recruitment@proconw.co.uk and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have. If you want to see examples of our past success stories, follow us on social media. We have profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on YouTube and Instagram, where you can find photos and videos of some of our Apprentices.

For more information on the apprenticeships we offer and who ProCo are visit our About Us page. You can also find more information on the areas in which we offer apprenticeships through our locations page.