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Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Standish

Standish is located north of Wigan, close to Preston, and is about a 45-minute drive from Liverpool and Manchester, putting it at the heart of the north-west business landscape. Nearly 15,000 people live in the town, with a slightly older than average population – one in five local people are aged over 65, and this means there is a huge amount of knowledge waiting to be passed down to the next generation of the region’s workforce via Apprenticeships and Training Courses in Standish.

Apprenticeships in Standish

Apprenticeships in Standish give you direct contact with experienced business leaders while on the job, so that you can learn from their expertise and experience in a real-world setting. You’ll be paid for the hours you work and you’ll get to contribute towards real-life projects, ranging from construction and fixing cars, to taking care of animals and providing customer service – it all depends on which discipline you choose to study. It’s not just about experience though, as we also make sure you work towards gaining a relevant qualification at the end of your Apprenticeship, and if you pass this it can be equivalent to a Level 2 NVQ. You can find Apprenticeships in Standish in a range of industries, including:

Why choose ProCo for an Apprenticeship in Standish?

We have invested years into our partnerships with local employers in Standish, so that we are able to offer you the very best Apprenticeships in Standish businesses, supported by training provision in the local area too. At ProCo we firmly believe that our Apprenticeship opportunities are the best in the region, so that you don’t have to travel far from home to study towards a qualification and work experience to put on your CV. We believe you should be paid for the work you do, and all Apprenticeships come with a wage. You might even be offered a permanent job at the end of your training.

Study Programmes in Standish

Our Standish Study Programmes cover some of the main industries local young people are interested in, but also offer an alternative to a full Apprenticeship. Rather than working on the job as an Apprentice, our Study Programmes in Standish training colleges and businesses give you hands-on experience as part of a tailored teaching programme, which also helps to fill in any gaps you might have in your language and number skills. Our Study Programmes in Standish include:

Why choose ProCo for Study Programmes in Standish?

ProCo Study Programmes have been set up with local training providers so that you don’t have to travel far to learn a trade, whether it’s in animal care, construction or motor vehicle maintenance. Our International Work Placements are also worth a look if you’re keen to travel. We have a variety of overseas work opportunities to offer, and these let you experience a foreign culture while gaining many of the skills employers look for, from communication – even with people who speak a different language to you – to initiative and teambuilding.

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Email recruitment@proconw.co.uk or call 01942 318099 for more information about any of our Apprenticeships and Study Programmes in Standish. Our social media channels are also available via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn if you want to keep up to date with all of our latest news and Apprentice success stories.

For more information on the apprenticeships we offer and who ProCo are visit our About Us page. You can also find more information on the areas in which we offer apprenticeships through our locations page.