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Construction Apprenticeships

More than two million people across the UK work in construction, up from 1.8 million in the early 1980s and growing steadily since 2011 after the industry weathered the economic downturn. This means more than 6% of the entire UK workforce are in construction-related professions or about one in every 16 employed people.

Construction apprenticeships help you to enter this thriving sector, not only giving you qualifications you can show to prospective employers but also the first-hand experience of working for a construction company as part of the practical strand of your apprenticeship

What is a construction apprenticeship?

Construction apprenticeships give you a good level of expertise in a particular trade, such as trowel occupations (bricklaying apprenticeship), wood (joinery apprenticeship), plastering, plumbing, or general maintenance apprenticeships like plastering and plumbing repairs.

You learn through a combination of coaching at our learning facilities in Wigan and on-the-job experience with a local employer, which lets you put your skills into practice in a real-world setting.

What qualifications will I get?

ProCo construction apprenticeships start from Level 2, often with no specific entry requirements, and can be used as a step towards a Level 3 apprenticeship in the same discipline.

At the end of your course, you will qualify for a Level 2 NVQ that you can show to future employers when applying for construction jobs, as well as gaining practical experience to give you a head start on the ‘Employment History’ part of your CV.

What are the benefits of a construction apprenticeship?

Construction is a vocation and benefits from being taught in a practical setting, and a construction apprenticeship, in particular, means you can focus on just one of the trades in close detail and really work on reaching a professional standard quickly. Read some of our construction apprentices stories to find out a little more!

The qualification and experience you gain will serve you well in your job search, and can count towards entering higher levels of education like Level 3 apprenticeships – you might even find you are confident enough to go self-employed as a tradesperson.

How do I apply?

You can read in more detail about any ProCo construction apprenticeship – or any of our other apprenticeships and study programmes – on the pages of this website, and this includes any specific entry and eligibility requirements.

To apply, fill in our online application form or give us a call to talk about the options. If you don’t think you meet the eligibility criteria, call us anyway as we may have a Level 1 study programme that can get you on to an apprenticeship in just a few months.