We can find you a housing apprenticeship

Over 150,000 people work in housing-related jobs in the UK, and you could be next!


Over 150,000 people work in housing-related jobs in the UK, but as the CIH notes, more and more employers are unwilling to take on new staff who do not have relevant qualifications and experience.

Housing apprenticeships give you both of these – a learning element that works towards an NVQ combined with on-the-job training with an employer who provides apprenticeship placements – so that by the time your course is complete, you have personal experience of a relevant role and a recognisable qualification as well.

What is a housing apprenticeship?

A housing apprenticeship is an alternative to academic teaching, and although it still involves some classroom study, this works towards a vocational NVQ rather than a purely theoretical, exam-assessed qualification.

The most appealing part of housing apprenticeships for many people is the employment element, which puts you into a job with a local employer for the duration of your apprenticeship, and often this can turn into an offer of employment once you qualify.

What qualifications will I get?

Housing apprenticeships are more than just a piece of paper, but they do include qualifications that you can put on your CV when applying for future jobs, including NVQs at different levels depending on your experience.

More importantly for your personal development, you gain first-hand experience of working in a relevant job, and this can help to build your confidence about your career choice and give you something you can talk about in future job interviews.

What do our students think?

Thank you so much for getting me an apprenticeship, you have been great at finding suitable apprenticeships for me, getting me an interview, building my confidence up and giving me tips to be successful. Even when I haven’t been successful in an interview you made sure that it didn’t knock my confidence and carried on with getting me an apprenticeship. I would definitely recommend ProCo to someone who’s looking for an apprenticeship


What are the benefits of a housing apprenticeship?

We all need somewhere to live – shelter is one of the basic needs of life, along with food, water and clothing – and studying a housing apprenticeship lets you help people to stay in a safe, warm home.

If helping others in this way isn’t your main motivation, then there are plenty of personal benefits too, including a wide variety of job opportunities once you qualify, from office-based positions to roles that take you out into the field.

How do I apply?

The first step to apply for a housing apprenticeship is to contact ProCo and let us know you are interested – you can fill in our online form or give us a phone call if you prefer to speak to an adviser. Find our apprenticeship vacancies here.

We will let you know about upcoming housing apprenticeship intakes and the kinds of work placements we may have available, and you can decide if they sound right for you.

To express an interest or to ask us anything else about these and other apprenticeships and study programmes, call ProCo today.