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Management & Leadership Apprenticeships

A management and leadership apprenticeship can support you to be in such a role in future employment, in various industries. If you’re wanting to enter a management position in the future or a role that involves leading the development and performance of a team, then this could be the ideal apprenticeship for you.

What is a Management & Leadership apprenticeship?

A management and leadership apprenticeship prepares you to play a vital role within various businesses.
As with all apprenticeships, this course can give you a significant amount of experience, allowing you to also get your qualifications at the same time. Once your apprenticeship is complete, you can either build on this knowledge by going onto further study, or alternatively seek employment.

What qualifications will I get?

ProCo’s management and leadership apprenticeships are fully work-based, meaning that you won’t be required to attend college on a regular basis to complete the course. However, coursework will be required to be completed in order to succeed you’re your qualifications.

With ProCo you can choose from two levels of management and leadership apprenticeships:

What are the benefits of a Management & Leadership apprenticeship?

This course is great if you want to be based full time in an office environment and want to avoid out-of-office learning in college. With this course, you won’t be required to attend college and no prior experience is required, however you will need to complete coursework in line with requirements. If you want a career in Management & Leadership but you have no experience of actually working in a managerial position, these apprenticeships give you a significant amount of real life work experience.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in our Management & Leadership apprenticeships or any other study programmes, you can get in touch by filling in our form online. Alternatively, if you have lots of questions or would prefer to talk to someone over the phone you can get in touch by phone.

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