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Funding Incentives

The government offers a range of funding incentives to encourage employers to hire and train apprentices. Find out about the opportunities open to your business and contact us today to start the process of finding your latest staff member.

If your business is in the Greater Manchester postcode you could be eligible for the Greater Manchester New Economy AGE Grant.

To be eligible you must:

  • provide a place of work for an apprentice within the Greater Manchester boundary (local authority areas).
  • have fewer than 250 employees in the United Kingdom, as recorded by the Employer Data Service (EDS).
  • not have employed an apprentice in the 12-month period before the start date of the first apprentice for whom you apply for the grant.
  • commit to employ your apprentice(s) for a minimum of 12 months on the apprenticeship programme or the time it takes time to complete their apprenticeship, whichever is the greater.
  • confirm you are aware of and do not breach any State Aid rules by receiving the grant.
  • agree to pay the apprentice in line with legal minimum requirements or more.

For more information about the Manchester New Economy AGE Grant visit their site.

Apply for a grant here

Apply for a grant for your business in Manchester and gain a new employee with qualified skills.

National Apprenticeship Service AGE grant

If your postcode is outside the Greater Manchester area you could be eligible for the National Apprenticeship Service AGE Grant.

For more information about the National Apprenticeship Service AGE Grant visit their site.