On Saturday 5th August in the late evening, our Montrose Avenue site, ProCo’s Animal farm, was vandalised and a number of animals died as a result of this and some are still loose or missing.

Rob Moss who is our Animal Care Apprentice, had come to feed and check on the animals as the staff do every day. He found the animal dead or loose which was really traumatic.

This has left our animals in a very distressed state and our staff are equally traumatised.

Emma Dalton, one of our Vet Nurse tutors has said,

“The actions caused by these individuals has caused undue stress and trauma to animals and staff at ProCo. Damage to facilities has removed valuable resources that are used to educate students of the local area. We are a non-profit organisation and provide vital educational resources for the local area”

A number of the chicks were hatched by us and the ducks have been with us since they were one day old. We have around 25 Love Birds still loose and the habitat of a large number of the animals has been vandalised and they are currently being rehoused inside our main building until we can repair the damage done.

We are a non-profit organisation and this obviously puts a great strain on our funds which should be directed toward the local educational needs of our students. We are therefore in desperate need of strong sheds to replace the ones which were damaged. If anyone has any contacts with any company who could help us or knows of anyone who has a good shed they no longer need we would be very grateful.

We have today bought a new duck (newly named Daffy) to keep our lonely Daisy duck company. Since the disruption Daisy was found crying and looked lost. The introduction of Daffy has definitely cheered her up and as a result, she has stopped crying. They immediately huddled together and followed each other around. It has brought a few tears to our eyes, such lovely ending to a sad tale.