Getting your GCSE results can be a stressful experience. Regardless of how much effort you have put in over the last few years, it all comes down to this single moment. Although, it would be great if every single person received the results they were hoping for, this isn’t always the case and sometimes your plans change.

There’s no need to worry about your results, you haven’t failed as there are many options available for you out there!

Depending on what your goals were prior to your GCSE results, you may still be able to achieve them just through different means. It’s not the end of the world to change what you have decided to do so instead of feeling disappointed, stay motivated and work towards achieving your goals.

What Options Are Available?

There are many options available out there for everyone! They can all lead to a bright future, so consider your options before giving up on your dreams.

Apprenticeships and study programmes can be an incredible way of kickstarting your career. What’s even better is the fact that it can be tailored to meet your needs which depends on the type of study programme or apprenticeship you are considering choosing and the industry you are thinking about entering.

Your options are virtually endless, from business and construction to animal care and customer service, almost every sector is offering some type of scheme for young people looking to start their careers.


Apprenticeships are great for many reasons. Not only are they an incredible way of starting your career, but they also allow you to continue learning while you work.

Typically, you receive a qualification at the end of your apprenticeships and possibly a permanent job, based on your performance.

Apprenticeships allow you to gain further qualifications while gaining valuable experience at the same time and here at ProCo we can actually help you find an Apprenticeship which is right for you!

Study Programmes

Study programmes are very similar to apprenticeships. They allow you to learn while gaining new skills and earn you a qualification or certification.

What’s great about all our programmes is that they include core functional skills or continued GCSE study in English and Maths and ICT, dependent on what you need achieve. So if you did not get the results you want in any of these areas you can still get back on track.

There is a wide range of study programmes available in a variety of industries and sectors.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in starting an apprenticeship or a study programme, consider ProCo. We offer a wide variety of services for any young person looking start a career. Regardless of the grades you have received on your GCSE’s, there are still many options available for you. Get in touch today and let us help you kickstart your future.