Kian Cowpland is 16 years old and is currently studying Level 1 Bricklaying at ProCo. Kian has undertaken a two week work placement with Wilmott Partnership Homes at Little Lane, Wigan. This has given Kian the opportunity to gain some real site experience. During his placement, Wilmott sat down with Kian to find out a little bit more about him..
Q. What were your reasons for choosing Bricklaying as a career path?

At school I took part in a day release scheme that involved learning some basic skills in Bricklaying, Joinery and Painting and Decorating. It was then that I realised I enjoyed bricklaying.

Q. What skills have you learned during your work experience placement on the Little Lane Site?

I have learned quite a few skills such as jointing, observing how to lay bricks and other general tasks such as carrying materials, getting boards ready, uncovering bricks and putting mortar onto the boards in preparation for work. Before coming to Little Lane, I had only worked with mortar from buckets; I had never seen working with mortar from silos before.

Q. What are the benefits of participating in a work experience placement on a real site?

It will be good for my CV and getting hands on experience with other bricklayers.

Q. What is the most important thing about becoming a qualified bricklayer?

It will be great to build houses and see the end product. I look forward to becoming a good bricklayer. It will help me get a full time job with a good salary, buy a house one day and I will be able to go on holidays. Maybe Australia… I’d like to go to Sydney!

Q. What do you look forward to most in your career?

Making money! But I quite fancy the idea of starting my own business one day.

Q. What are you most proud of whilst undertaking work experience at Little Lane?

Getting out of bed every morning at 7am and getting into work for 8am.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about working on a Wilmott Partnership Home site?

It has been good to see skilled bricklayers at work; they are fast and make it look so easy. I can see myself working as part of a team like this when I become qualified.

Assistant Build Manager, Rachel Welsh also had this to say about Kian:

“It’s great to have a young person on site starting out on the beginning of a fulfilling career. Even in the first few days of being here Kian has become more confident with the others on the site, asking plenty of questions along the way. He has a can-do attitude which goes down well with the team”.

ProCo would like to thank Wilmott Partnership Homes for giving Kian the opportunity to gain real work experience. Wilmott Partnership Homes have supported ProCo by offering work experience and class site trips. Kian has enjoyed his time working alongside the bricklayers and ProCo would like to thank Beth Modder (Assistant Community Manager) for supporting the young people at ProCo.