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Thank you so much for getting me an apprenticeship, you have been great at finding suitable apprenticeships for me, getting me an interview, building my confidence up and giving me tips to be successful. Even when I haven’t been successful in an interview you made sure that it didn’t knock my confidence and carried on with getting me an apprenticeship. I would definitely recommend ProCo to someone who’s looking for an apprenticeship

I’m just e-mailing you to thank you for the work and effort you put into getting me an apprenticeship. I am really happy with everything you did for me and very appreciative of it. I have got an apprenticeship now as you know and currently very happy with it and how everything is going.

My job new is fantastic. I’m really enjoying it, I’m getting along with everyone and everyone is getting along with me (I think!) Thank you so much for helping me to find the job that I wanted, for helping me to prepare for my interviews and for helping me to find another position after I didn’t get the first one. I feel like I am enjoying this one more than I would have enjoyed the other one anyway! I would definitely recommend your services to anyone I knew who was in a similar position. Thank you again

I was always very indecisive about what I wanted to do and since leaving school and dropping out of college, as I didn’t feel the classroom environment was for me, it has been very difficult in trying to find an apprenticeship/job that I liked. However, since coming into ProCo they have provided a really friendly, welcoming and efficient service in the short period of time that I have been with them. They have arranged an interview and I have now been offered my first apprenticeship, in under two weeks, all thanks to them! They have given me regular updates on how my applications were going and have given me all the support and confidence I needed in the meantime. Thanks to ProCo they have made an experience that I would have been extremely nervous and scared about; if I was doing it on my own, a lot more enjoyable and relaxed and I now feel that I am ready to begin my apprenticeship successfully, I would recommend Pro Co to anyone! Thank you so much for all your help I’m really looking forward for the future!

ProCo have been amazing and really helped me with getting my apprenticeship even when I struggled myself. I’m really excited to start ProCo. Again, thank you so much for everything.

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