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Study Programmes

ProCo’s study programmes help you to pick up crucial qualifications to get into a job, with courses in subjects ranging from animal care to construction and motor vehicle mechanics, and even the option to work abroad as part of your training.

ONS figures show that less than half of 25 to 64-year-olds with no qualifications have a job, compared with four out of five people with just one qualification or more.

Getting a certificate or diploma of any kind can massively improve your chances of finding work, and for many people just the experience of working with animals, building a house or fixing an engine is rewarding in itself.

What is a study programme?

A study programme combines vocational training such as animal care, construction or motor vehicle repair, with a relevant work placement for practical experience as a step towards a career in that industry.

It also includes core functional skills like English and Maths – subjects all employers value – if you left school with a grade below a C in either subject (if your language and number skills are already grade C or above, you don’t have to study the Functional Skills element).

Who are study programmes available to?

ProCo study programmes are aimed at 16 to 18-year-olds who have chosen not to go on to further education in a large college. Under English law you must study in some form, with or without a part-time job, until you are at least 18.

If you don’t think a large FE college is the right learning environment for you, contact ProCo to find out more about how we can get you into work sooner, while still studying for advanced qualifications in your chosen future career.

What qualifications will I gain?

Our study programmes count towards City & Guilds qualifications, with certificates and diplomas at basic and advanced levels to suit each learner.

In many cases, individuals complete several levels within the two years from 16 to 18, or move on to a different kind of training, such as an apprenticeship that can in turn lead to full-time employment when you qualify.

Available study programmes

Check the pages for animal care, construction and vehicle mechanics study programmes to see the different levels we offer, and what you will learn – the options are very diverse and get more specific at higher levels.

Our International Work Placements go hand in hand with our local study programmes in the UK, giving you the chance to go abroad and put your practical skills to the test on real-world construction or animal care projects.

How do I apply?

Contact ProCo with any questions about our study programmes, including entry requirements and how to enrol on your first course.  Look out for our Open evenings and Saturday morning drop ins.

We work hard to make sure all of our courses are a stepping stone to the next stage, whether that means studying at a higher level with us, starting an apprenticeship that combines training with real-world work experience, or going straight into a job at the right level in your chosen career.