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Construction Study Programmes

The construction industry is a major employer across the north-west, from the sprawling city and suburbs of Manchester to surrounding areas in the North West like Wigan and Salford.

Wigan has the highest proportion of construction apprenticeships in the region, and by taking one of our construction study courses you can learn the essential skills and earn eligibility to enter into an apprenticeship with a top local employer.

What will I learn?

You have a choice between learning general construction topics or focusing on a specific trade – brick, joinery, plastering or plumbing.

If you choose a trade, your study programme will be tailored towards specific issues, for example drainage and piping for plumbing courses, or constructing different types of joints in joinery courses.

Who are construction study programmes open to?

Entry level programmes are open to anyone with an interest in the building trades or general construction – however, it’s important to remember that if you want to study a specific trade, you should make sure to take the equivalent Level 1 course.

ProCo study programmes are designed to give an accurate reflection of what a real-world construction site feels like, so if you want to learn in a realistic environment, this is the perfect opportunity.

What qualifications will I gain?

ProCo construction study programmes work towards getting an NVQ in general construction or a specific trade, with Level 1 courses available depending on your experience.

Completing a Level 1 course allows you to progress on to specific trades, while completed study programmes can also help you to qualify for an apprenticeship at the appropriate level, as a step into employment.

Available construction study programmes

At Level 1 we offer certificates and extended certificates in general construction, as well as specific trades like brick laying, joinery, plastering, and a Level 1 Diploma in plumbing apprenticeship studies.

How do I apply?

To apply for any of our construction study programmes, or any other ProCo apprenticeships and training courses, you can fill in our online contact form to send us your details.

If you prefer to talk to someone directly, give us a phone call and a member of our team can help to clear up any questions you might have about your options.