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International Work Placements

ProCo offer International Work Placements in association with the Erasmus+ funded organisation Everything is Possible, giving our learners the option of taking a work placement abroad in order to experience a foreign culture while picking up essential career skills.

Our international vocational educational training programme is called Moving Feet Opening Minds and aims to broaden trainees’ horizons in the most literal of senses, while still building the work experience and life skills you would expect to develop through a UK work placement.

What will I learn?

The core of each International Work Placement is vocational training in construction, animal care, or a similar specific subject area.

You will learn practical skills in a hands-on setting, in the same way that you would be taught if you were a native learner from the host country, and for many people, this helps to bring a fresher feeling to studying abroad.

Who are International Work Placements open to?

Most of the learners who head out on ProCo’s International Work Placements are looking or a great experience abroad while still continuing their training and education.

You’ll need a certain amount of confidence and independence, but we are here to help you along the way, and we would encourage anyone interested in this opportunity to get in touch for an honest opinion of whether it is right for you.

What experience will I gain?

Some aspects of our International Work Placements teach you skills you might encounter on a UK work placement too, such as working with animals or on construction projects, but the processes are likely to be quite different, making it a great way to expand your existing skill set.

Of course you will also get the experience of spending time in a foreign culture, not just as a tourist but as a part of the workforce, and this usually brings an increase in self-confidence and independence too.

Available International Work Placements

We have worked with animal sanctuaries in locations like Malta and Aruba, and construction projects in Portugal, to give just a few examples.

The exact list of available International Work Placements changes all the time with new opportunities added to the list.

If there’s a particular part of the world you are keen to visit, or a specific type of job you want to try out overseas, we would suggest calling ProCo to express an interest, and we can advise you on the closest match among our current placements.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in taking an International Work Placement, or would just like to find out more about the opportunities that are available, call ProCo today for more information. Take a look at our apprenticeship vacancies too!

We are more than happy to take initial questions and queries, and to help you decide whether working abroad is something that would suit you in the short term – remember, part of these placements is about building your own confidence, so please get in touch even if you feel as though an international placement would be a major challenge for you.

ProCo are here to help and support you, not only with your initial enquiry but throughout any placement you decide to take.