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Training for Work, Training in Work…

Every summer, tens of thousands of young people leave school and face a decision – whether to go on to further and higher education, a different kind of training or enter the world of work.

In England, from the age of 16 to 18, you must stay in some form of training, apprenticeship or education, or get a job for at least 20 hours a week with part-time education or training attached.

Of course there are also many older people who choose to add to their qualifications, whether through personal ambition, to fill a gap on your CV, to change career or just to be able to find work in a challenging economy.

Training and Development – Your Future

Many of us regret not working harder at school, or starting down the wrong career path, but with the right training and development you can put your past behind you and start down a brighter path for the future.

If you’re trying to make up for lost time, ProCo’s study programmes and work placements are an ideal way to do so, and many of our trainees pick up multiple qualifications in just a couple of years, combined with on-the-job training or apprentice work.

Why is training for a career important?

Just because you fail an exam when you’re 16, it shouldn’t mean you can never work in a certain career, and our training programmes are a way to prove that you’re capable of doing the job.

Even if you left school with a good number of qualifications, they will never prepare you as well for a future career as practical experience and hands-on training can do, whether it is a way to start a new job for the first time, or to add more specific skills to your existing experience as part of your ongoing career development.

School leaver training

If you leave school at age 16 in England, you must legally go into some form of training, with or without part-time work as well, until you reach the age of 18.

ProCo offer work placements, apprenticeships and study programmes that can help you to complete any gaps in your school qualifications, as well as to train for a specific future career you are interested in.

Adult training

Adult training can be about adding to existing skills or learning a completely new profession either for a career change or just for your own personal interest.

We cater for adult learners regardless of your past qualifications and experience with our apprenticeship programme – just get in touch with ProCo to find out which options suit you best.

Trade Apprenticeships

Working in the trades is an option often ignored by mainstream schooling, and you are lucky if you even get taught basic woodwork skills.

Our study programmes and work placements are focused on construction trades like joinery and plumbing, plastering and brickwork, with practical experience and the chance to get a taste of what a job in the industry would be like – which often turns into a permanent job with the same company when our apprentices reach the end of their training.

Our Training Work Programmes

We offer many training work programmes from Animal Care to Veterinary Nursing. Please see below for a full list of our Training Programmes:

What you can expect from ProCo

At ProCo we are here to support you through the next stage of your training or work placement, with programmes designed to cater for people who might have been let down by the academic schooling system, or who just want to get some hands-on experience.

We have close links with local employers across the north-west, from Wigan to Salford and Manchester, and in many cases the apprenticeships we set up the lead to long-term jobs with the same employer.

To find out more about what ProCo can do to help you into employment within just a few months of training, contact us today.