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Business Admin Training

Business admin is one of the fastest growing job types in the UK – figures from the ONS show nearly 100,000 more people found work in business admin roles in 2014-15, beaten only by the 129,000 new jobs created in professional and scientific industries. Admin roles are often very flexible, and use mostly the same skills, which means business admin training prepares you for a huge range of different job opportunities in this fast growing secto

What does working in business admin offer?

Jobs in business admin often allow you to enter the 9-5 office environment, rather than taking shift work with changing hours from one week to the next. Although most of our jobs are full time, they may also allow flexible working or a job-share arrangement, which can be ideal if you have other commitments as long as you can work 30 hours per week or more. Jobs in business admin can unlock great opportunities for career progression, as you work alongside professionals in a range of different disciplines from finance and insurance to the legal sector. While some regulated professions would need further training, many do not, and you might find promotion opportunities are presented to you that you would never have imagined.

What training courses are available? 

Business Admin Training Courses – Apprenticeships:

Apprenticeships help you to take your professional development to a high standard. On completion of a Level 2 qualification, you will be ready to move on to a higher level apprenticeship and progress into the world of work, with a good grasp of business communication and organisation, as well as motivation and self-management. Whether you are a school-leaver looking for education outside of the classroom or an adult graduate or professional looking for a change in career, an apprenticeship is the right thing for you. To find out more about the business admin apprenticeships ProCo offer, or to find out what level you might be eligible for, call us today.

What can the training involve?

Our business admin apprenticeships offer an alternative to traditional academic teaching and assessment, and are well suited to recognising more general skills like organisational ability and effective communication. Much of the assessment can be based on individual testimony by those around you, combined with reports and observations rather than written exams.

Local opportunities and relationships

The huge range of opportunities in business admin roles doesn’t have to be daunting – ProCo can help you to find an apprenticeship with some of the region’s best employers. We have lined up training with companies throughout Wigan, Leigh, Manchester, Salford and other north-west locations that would be difficult to enter without our help with many of our apprentices offered a permanent job with the same company at the end of their apprenticeship. To find out more about how ProCo can help you unlock admin opportunities in your area, call us today.