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Construction Training

Construction in the north-west is a £15 billion industry, nearly half of which comes from building and repairing homes in the region. Other projects range from office and commercial space, to large infrastructure like transport, schools and hospitals. With over 7,000 new construction projects starting each year in the region, it’s a sector with strong employment prospects and plenty of ways to progress, whether through an advanced construction learning programme or through on-the-job experience.

What does working in construction offer?

For many people, jobs in construction bring the satisfaction of working in a trade, applying skills most people will never have, and being able to point at the finished product and say “I made that”. Over the course of a career in the construction industry you could be working on building new homes for families in the north-west, new infrastructure to keep the region working, and restoring historic buildings to their former glory. It is a job that does more than just pay the bills. At the end of each day, you can see exactly how much you have achieved, and many of those buildings will stand for generations. On top of all of that, it is a profession with a great spirit of camaraderie between colleagues and there are now just as many opportunities for female construction workers as for their male counterparts.

What training courses are available?

Our training courses can give you a general overview of working in construction, or focus on specific skills. Interested in bricklaying, joinery, plastering or plumbing? We have many courses for each discipline, so you can choose your own route into the industry. If you want to take your training even further, our construction study programmes can be used as the foundation for a full construction apprenticeship – so if you left school with no qualifications, that doesn’t mean you can’t get into a construction job.

Construction Training Courses – Apprenticeships:

An apprenticeship in construction is the ideal solution for all ages from school leavers to anyone who wants to try their hand at a new career. See below for a list of our Construction industry apprenticeships:

Construction Training Courses- Study Programmes

If you’re 16-18 and have chosen to divert from the more traditional form of further education in a large college, then a study program might be the perfect path for you. Take a look at our construction industry study programmes below:

Call ProCo to discuss our entry requirements and how our construction training programmes can help you to get into this highly rewarding industry.

What can the training involve?

Training will typically combine some background learning – for example, issues like health and safety in construction – along with the more hands-on building and tool work that would be at the heart of a job in the industry. We assess our construction trainees through a combination of theory work assignments and practical assessments, and you don’t need to be academically minded in order to pass the course.

Local opportunities and relationships

ProCo work closely with construction firms across Wigan, Leigh, Manchester, Salford and elsewhere in the north-west to provide access to the best possible work placements and on-the-job training opportunities. Our close working relationships with some of the region’s biggest and best construction companies means we are able to send more of our trainees their way: the employer knows they will be trained to a high standard, and we know the opportunity offered will be a good one. Some construction trainees choose to continue studying with ProCo to a higher level too, and we have seen some people gain multiple qualifications within just a few years before finding their first permanent job in the construction industry. Call ProCo today to find out what level you can study at and how to join one of our upcoming construction training programmes and apprenticeships.