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Motor Mechanic Training

The UK automotive sector is worth £72 billion each year according to the SMMT, with more than 30 car manufacturers and 2.6 million new cars registered. Motor mechanic training helps you to find your way into this thriving industry with the knowledge and skills to inspect vehicles either following a breakdown or as part of regular tune-ups, and to carry out any repair and maintenance work.

What does working in motor mechanics offer?

Careers in motor mechanics can be highly rewarding, as you get to work with your hands on maintaining and repairing some of the most valuable pieces of machinery most people will ever own. Tuning up an engine, fixing a wonky wheel or even just valeting a car to clean its interior or its paintwork offers instant rewards as the vehicle leaves in better condition than it arrived, and of course with man hours charged alongside costs for replacement parts, this is also an industry where the effort you put in is clearly recognised on the customer’s bill.

What training courses are available?

ProCo training courses start with the skills you will need for an entry level job in motor mechanics, and build on these if you choose to stay in training and continue on to a higher level course. You might equally decide to study the basics on a training course, before applying for a motor mechanic apprenticeship, or even go straight into a job and get your future experience while you work – it’s up to you. With a ProCo training course you receive a recognised qualification or certificate that proves you have a certain level of experience.

Motor Mechanic Training Courses – Apprenticeships

Our motor mechanic apprenticeships aid you in learning the basic skills and topics specific to your chosen career. Whether you’re 16 or 36, you can apply for one of our motor mechanics apprenticeships below:

Motor Mechanic Training Courses – Study Programmes

Our study programmes last 2 years between the ages of 16-18 as the perfect alternative to further education in a larger college.

To find out more about the motor mechanic training courses we have available, give us a call today.

What can the training involve?

Motor mechanics is a hands-on occupation, and so are our training courses, with learning taking place in a realistic mechanic garage setting. You will start with basic background skills, working with different parts of the car and engine. At higher levels the training becomes more detailed and specific, and you progress from basic maintenance to be able to inspect the vehicle yourself, as well as carrying out more complicated tasks like four-wheel alignment without supervision.

Local opportunities and relationships

There are garages and workshops throughout the north-west, as in any part of the country, and ProCo have worked with many from Wigan, Leigh, Manchester, Salford and other north-west locations, making it possible for us to refer you to some great employers for on-the-job experience and work placements. We are very proud of our strong working relationship with these companies, and many of our trainees have gone into permanent employment as a result of their placements. To join them and get started on your career in motor mechanics, call ProCo today to find out more about our training courses.