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Training in Housing Qualification

More than five million homes across the UK are managed by local authorities and housing associations, according to the CIH. With the dense urban area of Manchester and Salford, as well as surrounding towns like Wigan, many of those homes are found in the north-west. Training for Housing Work prepares you for a career in managing these properties, whether with a local council or a private housing association so that you can help to make sure vulnerable individuals and families on low incomes can keep a roof over their heads.

What do jobs in Housing sector offer?

Housing Work can be a hugely rewarding career choice, with a varied selection of different jobs available. In some roles you might be entirely office-based, providing admin support, while others might involve meeting with tenants or travelling to properties in the local area. The private housing association sector, in particular, has grown rapidly in recent years, and opportunities are good for people who are able to prove their worth, and especially if you complete relevant training and qualifications.

What training courses are available?

ProCo’s training for Housing Work starts from entry level courses for people with little to no previous experience in this sector, and these programmes can also help you to improve on core skills like language and communication. These ‘soft skills’ are crucial for finding work in any industry, and our study programmes and training courses build on them with topics specific to Housing Work, so that you can gain a qualification that will prove to employers that you have the hard skills needed for a career in Housing Work.

Housing Work Training Courses – Apprenticeship

What can the training involve?

Housing Work training combines essential skills coaching with practical experience so that by the time you qualify, you will already have a good awareness of the kinds of issues you are likely to have to deal with on a daily basis.

Local opportunities and relationships

Finding your first job with no experience can be a challenge, but ProCo are able to offer help and opportunities – which can often turn into a permanent job when you qualify. We work closely with housing associations across Wigan, Leigh, Manchester, Salford and other parts of the north-west, and always make sure to match you with an opportunity that will work well alongside your Housing Work training. To find out more about the kinds of work placements we may be able to arrange for you as part of your training, call ProCo today.